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Interesting Chocolate Covered Strawberry Toppings


Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic. While delicious all year around, people usually have it during February. Why? Because of Valentine’s day! You can have the basic chocolate-covered strawberries or you can add interesting toppings to them. 

If you don’t want to add interesting things to your strawberries or you don’t want to go out to the store, you can just add the basic toppings on it, such as sprinkles or a chocolate drizzle. The sprinkles can be different colors or shapes! 

If you want to have interesting toppings, you can add nuts. It can be any type of nut, smashed nuts, or in chucks; whatever your preference is. You can have multiple different types of nuts on your strawberry to mix it up a bit or if you are a chocolate lover then you can add chocolate chips. 

The most interesting topping that you can add to your chocolate-covered strawberries is dried culinary and edible rose petals, and pomegranate powder. These types of ingredients don’t just come up to your mind right away (unless you crave it). To find these ingredients, check a local spice shop or order the ingredients online. For the pomegranate powder, you can find it at any store.

There are more interesting chocolate-covered strawberry toppings out there in the world but these are some of the toppings that I found the most interesting. 

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