How To Survive Senior Year

How To Survive Senior Year

Ashley Rosa, Senior News Reporter

Senioritis is a very common feeling a lot of seniors in high school experience. It’s an intense desire for the year to end mixed with the lack of desire to get school work done. Most students do not know why this happens, but it’s very common across the country. Most think they can skate through the rest of their senior year, while others stay on top of everything through their whole high school experience.

A lot of students who have always been on top of their school work also experience it though. A few ways to push through it is to figure out what your game plan is after high school. If you’re going to college, going into the trades, or even many people take gap years. A gap year is essentially taking a year break from school to also take the time to help figure out what the next step in your life is going to be.

Something a lot of students don’t know is getting close with your guidance counselor will help big time. They can help with finding your career path, finding colleges, finding scholarships, and most importantly helping with your mental health. If interested in this idea just email your counselor a little bit about yourself, future goals, and what path you think you’re going to take.

Another big help would be to make a calendar with all your deadlines for assignments, applications, scholarships, etc. Doing this will help you stay organized and help you make the most out of your senior year. Being social your senior year can be a nice boost when it comes to motivation. Branch out and find a new group of friends and go out of your comfort zone. It helps release some stress and may help with motivation.