Learning a Second Language

Learning  a Second  Language

Shahd Abouelmagd, Opinion and Advice Reporter

Lack of integration is an actual problem for many countries all over the world. This is due to the language barrier. People outside of their home countries end up being isolated, hanging out only with people from similar communities where their language is spoken and not communicating with other people. Learning a second language opens a great opportunity to be a part of a new community with different culture and learn a lot more about the world around us.

A second language can insanely change your life, giving you more chances to get a good job or advance your career. Learning  a second language can give you an insight into other cultures that will make you more confident of traveling all over the world and explore different places. You can also get the chance to travel in order to study something you are really interested in.

There are so many benefits of learning a second language; for example, improving your memory by memorizing new words and meanings, enhancing the ability to multitask, and improving your performance in academic areas.

In order to learn a second language you have to start thinking about taking it seriously, study smart, start using the language all day and every day, seek out real life practice with native speakers and learn more about the different accents of the same language and pick up what is easier for you.

I definitely know that learning a second language is not easy at all from a personal experience, but it is not impossible.