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“What A Night” Annie Bartos


What A Night

As I got home and entered my room, I found myself laying on my bed reflecting on the night we had just had — reflecting on him. I am not sure what I was expecting when I asked him out — the only reason I did was that I thought he was cute. We have mutual friends so I thought that I could judge him on that, but he was so much different than I expected. He picked me up at eight o’clock — right on time — and came to my door to get me. He was greeted by my father with a handshake and firm talking, which he did not react negatively to. He kept a big smile on his face the whole time my father was talking and made an even bigger one once I entered the room.

His teeth were a piercing white, and his lips were pink like a seashell. He was dressed in khakis and a navy blue sweater, and his silky dirty blonde hair was damp from the shower he had taken earlier. His eyes were a bright blue that you could see from a mile away — throughout the night, I repeatedly found myself getting lost in them. You could tell he cared about how he presented himself. He was wearing a strong cologne that filled my front room as we waited for my father to finish his talk, and once he was, the smell of his cologne followed us to his car.

He opened the door for me and held my hand as I stepped into it. As he got in to drive, he asked me what kind of music I listened to and asked for examples while handing me the aux. I was extremely nervous because I wanted to impress him, but every song that I played he said was amazing and told me that I had great taste. When we had discussed what to do, he said that he had an idea but that it was a surprise. This had excited me because I never had a guy plan a date. As we were driving to our first destination, he told me his idea was not too special, but that he was very excited to do it with me. 

We eventually arrived at a restaurant which he later explained was his favorite. Throughout dinner, we got to know each other. Since we had mutual friends, we already knew a little, but after getting to know him more personally, it made me even more intrigued and interested. We talked about things like our favorite foods and movies and colors — which for him were Mac and Cheese, La La Land, and Yellow. The whole night the smile never left his face, which made mine not either. 

After dinner was finished, he paid for the meal. I told him that I wanted to split it, but he told me no and said that I could cover the bill next time. “Next time.” That made me blush, and I could tell he noticed because he started to as well. I was not supposed to be home until eleven, and it was only nine-thirty, so I was curious what else he had planned. I did not ask him in fear that he was just going to take me home, which I would have been disappointed about, but I was very wrong and I am glad that I was.

We ended up at this little patch of grass with a swing set stuck in the middle. We sat on the swings and talked some more — this time about more personal things. He told me that he had liked me for a while but never had the guts to talk to me. He explained that he never really felt comfortable around people, but it was the opposite around me. His bright blue eyes stared at me through the darkness, which made me nervous but also excited. He grabbed my hand further on into the night as we talked more and made sure to pay close attention to the time to make sure that I would get home before eleven, which I appreciated a lot.

When he drove me home, he gave me the aux again and held my hand. We did not talk this time — I think we were both just taking in the moment. As we arrived at my house, he told me not to leave and ran around to open my door. He held my hand as I stepped out and did not let go until we got to my doorstep. I looked up at him and smiled, and he smiled back. He thanked me for the wonderful night and gave me a very tight hug — one that lasted a little longer than I would have expected. When we pulled away, he stared at me and told me that he had a lot of fun and that he hoped we could do it again soon. I very eagerly agreed, and after we said our goodbyes, I entered my house with a smile that has yet to leave my face.

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