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Rice Recipe

Rice Recipe
Belquis twist

Rice is a versatile meal; not only can it be used for a side dish but it can also be a base for a lot of meals. There are many different kinds of rice and it can be cooked and prepared in many different ways, like white rice served with beans or yellow rice eaten by itself. There are also the meals that are based upon rice like casseroles or other rice-based dishes.

Yellow rice can be prepared in many ways. This recipe is for more of an orange rice which is full of seasonings and usually cooked with some kind of meat and veggies.

For starters, yellow rice is made in a metal rice pot, sold at most Spanish-owned grocery stores. Around a cup of oil is used to cover the entire bottom of the pot, then this is brought to a simmer. Cubed ham is then added to the oil, along with smashed garlic, red onion, green, red, and yellow peppers, and tomato. Let sauté for around three minutes, occasionally stirring.

After sautéing, add about four cups of water and stir. After adding the water, you can then add in Adobo, sazón, oregano, salt, pepper and sofrito seasonings. Stir occasionally, and now the gondules beans can be added as well as olives and cilantro. After all of the ingredients are added, you are now able to add in five cups of washed rice. This will be mixed in and then left covered to slow cook until the rice is fluffy and a spoon is able to stand up when stuck in the rice.

Finally, the rice can be served by itself or alongside any main dish.

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