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Seniors Going Broke

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With the end of the year approaching quickly, seniors are losing money fast. Many seniors are found picking up extra shifts just to be able to afford the full senior year experience. There are so many different costs coming our way. It started off with the senior class of 2022 shirts. Each shirt was $20 and the class flower, a lei, was $12. It is not mandatory to buy, however, there is a senior shirt day where each senior matches with these shirts and flowers. 

Another major event is prom. Prom is May 7 and tickets are $55. Prom is taking place at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. After-prom tickets were an additional $20. With that being said, prom is something all the seniors look forward to and it’s a once in a lifetime experience. But the cost of prom doesn’t just stop at $75. You also have to pay for dresses/suits which can be around $100. Some people pay for Ubers or rent party buses to get to prom which is an additional cost. Many students go out to dinner before prom, which is another cost depending on where you go and what you get. If you take a date to prom, corsages typically range from $15-$20. 

Another cost is caps, gowns, and tassel. The total cost for this comes to be around $50. With the final quarter starting, that means the 4th quarter project is beginning for physics students. This is a rollercoaster project and the students all take a trip to Cedar Point.  These tickets are $45 and another $10 for the bus ride to and from the park. For students in the National Honors Society, there was a $20 charge for a graduation stole. There are many different costs coming the seniors’ way and most seniors are on the struggle bus. But in the end, it’s worth it to experience these events like prom and graduation.

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