How Covid Has Changed Our Lives

Isaiah Jelinek, Economic Writer

Covid-19 has affected everybody’s lives. No matter how little people may think it has, it has indeed affected their lives. One major change is the trend to do work at home. “Beyond the work-from-home trend, many workplace experts say the pandemic has altered the balance of power between employees and employers at many companies.”

“Since March 2020, millions of Americans have left jobs for positions they believe offer a better balance between their personal and professional lives. In fact, the trend is so significant that workplace experts have described it as “The Great Resignation.” ”

While this may seem like it is a change that won’t have a lasting impact, it is already showing signs of having a lasting impact on our society. Continuing on with how Covid is affecting not just school but also workplaces is that a majority of people are now changing jobs that will not just get them by but will also bring them satisfaction.

While I have only talked about Covid affecting school and jobs, it is not limited to just those two things. A lot of Americans do not want to be in an indoor environment with people that may or may not have been vaccinated. This means that watching movies at the movie theater or going to a restaurant is too risky for them and they would rather order take out and watch a movie with their close family instead of going outside.