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    Spring Has Sprung! Right…?

    Spring Has Sprung! Right...?
    The Independent

    With Easter right around the corner, the season of Spring is finally upon us. The season officially started on March 20 this year, but how accurate is this date regarding the weather? Living in Ohio, “Spring Has Sprung” has a different definition for the community than others.

    Since the “beginning of Spring,” it has snowed a total of 5 days. The harshness of the cold is then offset by a nice 60-degree day out the next day. For example, a couple of days before St. Patrick’s Day, the temperatures were around 30 degrees, making it technically freezing in Ohio. Then on St. Patrick’s Day, people were out celebrating the day in shorts and T-shirts in 60-70-degree weather.

    So what can be done about this? Unfortunately, the eventful weather spikes in Ohio can be explained by the little altitude changes. This means the air masses in the state mix together and causes weather events with both cold and warmer air. Every Ohioan wishes there was a way to prevent the weather and make it Spring for sure, but the makeup of the state does not allow that. At least the holidays bring out some nice weather!

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