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Pupusas are a food commonly prepared by people in El Salvador. It’s a more traditional food that is added into much larger meals and usually made in very large batches to feed big families. Pupusas are like a tortilla but instead of being flat and thin, they are thick and filled with a variety of things.

The filling in pupusas can range from shredded chicken, shredded pork, beans or cheese. The refried bean and cheese pupusas are called revueltas. The cheese are usually called pupusa con queso and the chicken are called pupusa con pollo. The pupusas are usually just called pupusa with whatever filling.

The way that these are typically made is with a flour called Masa; a corn flour mix. The masa is then mixed with warm water to create a dough. Next, the dough needs to be rolled into a ball, then poke the ball in the center to make a hole. This is now ready for the filling of your choice. After the pupusa is filled, you pinch the top closed, followed by flattening them out as thin as you can without the filling spilling out.

To cook the pupusas, place a skillet on the stove and cover the bottom in a thin layer of your choice of oil. After this is heated up you can place them into the pan and cook on each side for five minutes or until golden. If left on too long, the outside can become hard and crunchy.

Overall, pupusas can take around an hour to make.


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