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Easter Weekend is Here!


We are right in Easter weekend and many people in Lakewood are getting very excited for the celebration. Although it stems from Christianity, it is common for many people who aren’t religious or from other religions to celebrate this holiday just for the fun of it. Who doesn’t love a ton of toys and candy inside a cute little basket when you wake up?

This Sunday would be a wonderful day to spend extra time with family and friends. Eat as much candy and treats as possible and just celebrate. Maybe you’ll see a few random people in giant bunny suits. It can be kind of scary but it’s always quite funny. You could also look around for Easter egg hunts at nearby churches or you could make one with some friends and family.

One thing most people don’t quite know is how Easter is determined. Is it the moon? Is it the bible? Well the truth is that the Easter lands on the Sunday following the next full moon after or on March 21st. That’s why Easter isn’t always in April but possibly in March. This is because Easter is actually Pagan holiday and the christian’s adopted many of their traditions for their Spring in the Northern Hemisphere celebration. One of the biggest parts of those traditions was the bunny which was an iconic part of the holiday.

Easter is one of the big holidays especially in America. Take the time to celebrate and embrace the spring or to honor your religious celebrations. Buy some candy, spend time with family and friends, and try to enjoy this weekend’s crappy weather. Happy Easter!


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