Yearbook Sales for 2022

Lana Collins, Lakewood News Reporter

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. The weather is finally getting warmer and the school year is wrapping up for summer break. The temperamental spring weather leaves the beautiful smell of rain and flowers are blooming again. It was a good school year full of lots of love and memories and the best way to remember it all is through the ’21-’22 yearbook! But wait, why has nothing been released yet about yearbook information? That’s because there are going to be quite a few changes for this year.

For this year, the yearbook orders will be strictly online (like most things these days). This is because this year’s yearbook is actually going to have the entire school year in it. That includes the spring time which has never been done before! That means the yearbook will include even more memories of the year. It will include prom and spring sports! Isn’t it always such a shame to not be able to look back on all of those sweet events? Well this was the perfect solution to the problem.

So with that, you will be receiving your yearbooks a tad later than normal. Deliveries will take place later in the summer instead of before you leave for the end of the year. So it will arrive directly to your home! What a fun surprise it would be to find your new yearbook in the mail a few months after school had let out?

Be aware and keep these new changes in mind when ordering time comes around. Get your yearbook and preserve those memories!