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La Plaza, a Great Place to Eat!

La Plaza, a Great Place to Eat!

The Lakewood Times is going to restaurants in or near Lakewood and ranking them in four categories: transportation, affordability, taste, and group friendliness. We will start with Cleveland’s La Plaza. Is it easy to get to? Is it affordable? How is the food there? Is it a good hangout spot?

In this community, everyone is diverse. We all have different backgrounds and upbringings. Two of the Lakewood Times’ food reporters were brought up in a Mexican family and understands how most Mexican food is made, how it tastes, and how it fills you up.

A little background on La Plaza Taqueria; it is in the store called “La Plaza,“ located at 13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44107. They are a mostly family-owned business and everyone in this establishment speaks Spanish and is fluent in English.

They have tacos, tamales, burritos, rice, and different topping options, and so much more! Everything there is amazing. The food is affordable and tasty. You can switch orders up for any picky eaters or get them how they are for the non-picky eaters. It is authentic Mexican food and served promptly.

Let’s talk about pricing!

Everyone loves Mexican food; however, just like any other restaurant, it can get expensive. While you order a main meal, you then glance at the sides menu and think ‘why the heck not.’ Except if you are a student either living on allowance or minimum wage, then buying a good lunch meal can be difficult, so make sure that the place that you plan on ordering food from is cost effective.

La Plaza is a good place where you can leave during your lunch period and get a good lunch meal from; even if you are given only $20 in cash from your parents, you could still buy a container of guacamole ($4.00) and a Quesadillas Combo lunch ($11.00), which is comprised of three 6” corn or flour tortilla stuffed with a blend of cheese then grilled. La Plaza is definitely a tasty, authentic Mexican restaurant that sells a good quantity of food for a cost worthy amount. Along with that, their drinks only cost a small range between $1-$2.50; a bottle of water only being $1.

To further put this into perspective, even though Taco Tontos is a very good and successful Mexican restaurant, one 10” quesadilla is $6.50 and a small guacamole bowl with chips is $4.50. If you go to La Plaza, you would be able to get a total of 18” quesadillas for a little less than twice the amount for one 10” quesadilla at taco Tontos. Isn’t that a deal and a steal!?

How can I get there?

Are you a senior at Lakewood High School with an open campus privilege? Do you want to go to a nearby restaurant to pick stuff up real quick? You may want to consider giving La Plaza Supermarket a visit. La Plaza Supermarket is a unique Mexican restaurant and store that specializes in a variety of products from cleaning supplies to different candies imported from Mexico and other Hispanic countries.

There is a simple way to get to this restaurant by taking Bunts Ave south and turning left on Lakewood Blvd. The store will be on the right two blocks from there. The time that it takes you to get there directly from Lakewood High School depends on your transportation options.

If you have your driver’s license and own a vehicle such as a car or a motorcycle for yourself or have a family member or friend that could drive you there, it would take about four minutes to get to La Plaza. If you do not have your driver’s license or vehicle for yourself and cannot get someone else to transport you with their vehicle, then you can use a bicycle which would take you about seven minutes to get there.

If you cannot get there with anything listed above, then your only option left would be to walk there, which would take you about 22 minutes. In any event, once you get to La Plaza it will be worth the time that you invested to get there, because you may spend several minutes browsing the store, getting the unique and authentic Mexican food and products.

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