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Tennis Player Abriana Heinz Interview

Abriana Heinz

This week, The Lakewood Times interviewed freshman Abriana Heinz. Heinz plays on the Girls Varsity Tennis team. Not only is she very dedicated to her sport, but she works hard on her schoolwork off the court too. The Times asked her some questions about herself, so people can get to know her better. 

Tell us a little about yourself; what are some of your hobbies and interests? 

“I’m Abriana, I’m a freshman, I play the cello in one of the school’s orchestras. I spend a lot of my time at tennis practice, reading, going on bike rides, and hanging out with friends.”

 When did you start playing Tennis, and why did you start? 

“I started playing tennis when I was in about 7th grade and it was totally out of coincidence. I had some family over who wanted to see the US Opens, so we put it on the TV and I was so drawn in. I started to watch and learn the point systems. About one month later my dad and I went out to the courts and hit.”

What is your favorite part about playing on the Varsity Team?

My favorite part about playing on the Varsity Tennis team is definitely the people. From the start all of the returning players were so welcoming and made me feel like I had a place. Especially on the varsity team there is a really tight bond because the seven of us are always together.”

Do you have any advice for a Freshman looking to try out for the Tennis team? 

“For freshmen looking to try out next year, I would tell them to come to tryouts with an open mind and be ready to challenge yourself. While there is no experience necessary to join the team, it still does take a lot of effort and time.”

What is your favorite part about Lakewood High School? 

“My favorite things about Lakewood High School are definitely all of the opportunities. From clubs to classes, there is so much to do and so much to learn.”

Be sure to check out Abriana on the court before the season ends; there are only a few matches left! 

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