Ranger Football Recap

Aya McAuliffe, Sports Reporter

Lakewood High School’s varsity football team took on the Normandy Invaders Thursday, Sept. 15. The team went into the game feeling confident and ready to play. The Rangers put up a tough fight, but unfortunately were unable to secure the game. Senior Eddie Gillick, one of the star receivers, unluckily hurt his ankle at the start of the game which caused major setbacks for the Rangers. The coaches had a hard time trying to replace him offensively and defensively.  

In the beginning of the game, Normandy scored two touchdowns but this didn’t slow the Rangers down. After Normandy scored, the Rangers fought back. Junior Alex Symons made a run, which got us our first touchdown. After this play, the team was feeling more motivated to win. Senior Garett Schweter grabbed the ball after Lakewood forced a fumble and scored a touchdown. 

Coach Sparks said of the game, ¨We made a lot of mistakes turning the ball over and that limited our ability to be successful offensively.¨ Even though they were unable to win on the scoreboard, Lakewood won by giving their all on the field. There were things they could have done to win but there were also things that were out of their control. Hopefully the team can bring home a win Thursday, Sept. 22 against the Holy Name Green Waves.¨