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What sponsor do you want, Lakewood High!?

What sponsor do you want, Lakewood High!?
Clovis Roundup

The three restaurants listed below are proud sponsors of Lakewood High Schools sports and organizations. Some do fundraisers or sell food at our concession stands! We all know maybe all of these restaurants and love them for our late-night family dinners. Do you know the history of the food you eat? We would like to know which of these three you would like to sponsor your sport or organization!


Chipotle Mexican Grill got their name from the Nahuatl Aztec language. “Chipotle” means and represents the smoked jalapeno pepper which you can see in their current modern-day logo. Chipotle started doing business on July 13, 1993, when the founder Steve Ells realized how popular and famous the taquerias in San Francisco were. By 1998, McDonald’s was the biggest owner of the chain, possessing about 90% of them until 2006 when Chipotle took back ownership of the chain.

Currently, Chipotle has 200,918 domestic locations and 44 international locations in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France, but surprisingly there are no locations in Mexico because the authentic Mexican food is way too different in flavor and look from what Chipotle makes. Authentic Mexican food has the elements and ingredients that Chipotle has, but the flavors, way of cooking, and spices are different.

As an example, there is no such thing as a burrito in Mexico. Burritos are TEX-MEX food, which means food created in Texas by Mexican immigrants. There are no bowls in Mexico and the tacos are way too different. However, the flavors and ingredients of Chipotle are designed specifically for the American consumer who loves what they think is Mexican food.  Another example is the barbacoa. Chipotle uses shredded beef while in Mexico, barbacoa is pulled goat meat slow-cooked in a special underground oven. In any event, for Americans who love Mexican food, Chipotle is the perfect choice to find the Mexican ingredients to create a quick meal that is cheap, fast, delicious, and, in many cases, way healthier than other fast food chains.

Angelo’s Pizzeria of Lakewood

In 1981, Tom Kess bought a run-down pizzeria on Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio. He was eight months behind on rent at the time and didn’t have the best living conditions. As much as he wanted to give up, he kept going and he is now the proud owner of Angelo’s Pizzeria!

They sell pizza; it’s a pizzeria! They also have a menu full of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and plates of pasta. They cater too, only around Lakewood.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Todd Graves is the founder of Raising Cane’s. He got the worst grade in his business plan for a college class. The professor said a restaurant would never work, the banks said the same. He worked as a boilermaker working for weeks in Los Angeles to raise his own money. The first Raising Cane’s opened in 1996. They were so busy, they had to stay open until 3:30 a.m. It was great to work with such a fun, dedicated crew!

They only sell chicken finger combos and their pricing is fair enough, considering they only sell chicken. You can join The Caniac Club to get deals and be the first to know about specials!

So! Which one would you like to sponsor Lakewood next?

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