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Display Cabinets At LHS


You may not have known, but here at Lakewood High School, we have many display cabinets. They are mostly located in the main hallways so it’s hard to miss them, but also easy to walk by without really noticing them,

A few classes and West Shore programs that have display cabinets are Culinary Arts, Family and Consumer Science, Architecture and Design, Fashion Design, Photo Club, and Networking. There is also a display cabinet with a list of all the clubs we offer here at LHS. We have many trophy display cabinets too.

Lakewood High has a total of 13 display cabinets located in the first-floor main hallway; they can be seen on the right side of the hallway. They are also located in the A wing of the second floor right by the cooking rooms. There are two out-of-place cabinets; one is located on the first-floor B wing closer to the art rooms, and the other is on the B wing stairs closer to the culinary room. The trophy display cabinets are located by the athletic offices and locker rooms.

The purpose of these supply cabinets is to provide a little more context and information about some extracurriculars we offer at Lakewood High. Check them out the next time you’re walking to class!

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