The Travel Club Has Begun!

Koda Ford, Clubs and Organizations Reporter

The Travel Club had their first informational meeting of the year on Monday, Sept. 26 to discuss their plan to take students to the Grand Canyon during spring break. 

The Travel Club is run by Ms. Gliozzi. The club got its beginning in 2013 from a school trip to Spain with Mr. Heslep’s Spanish classes.  LHS was paired up with another school from a small community who didn’t have enough students in one class to take a trip, so they created a Travel Club that allowed any student in their building to go on the trip and their trips could be anywhere in the world.  Students on that trip really liked that idea, and so the Travel Club at LHS was created.  

The first trip was to the Dominican Republic in 2014 as a service trip where students worked on ECO tourism projects.  

In 2015, they went to Peru and were able to hike around Machu Picchu as well as spend time with locals on farms up in the mountains, where students were offered a special meal of Guinea Pig.

2017 took them to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where they spent time enjoying nature with natural springs, zip lining, snorkeling and checking out the wildlife.  

The Galapagos Islands trip in 2018 was by far the biggest and furthest trip. Most of the trip was spent island hopping and checking out all of the amazing animals and science stations.  They did get a chance to stand on the Equator in Ecuador and watch the water spin backwards.

In 2019, they found themselves in Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. They were able to watch the parade as well as visit amazing cultural sites.

Because of Covid, the Travel Club lost their trips for 2020 -2022. They are attempting a trip to the Grand Canyon for 2023, where they would visit Bryce National Park, Zion National Park, dinner and a show in Vegas and a day of white water rafting. However. it seems because the trip is such short notice, this may not be possible due to a majority of the students finding they already have plans for their spring break.

They are still working toward making the Grand Canyon work for those that do want to go and they are always looking for suggestions for future trips.