Homecoming Game

Aya McAuliffe, Sports Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 31, the Lakewood High School football team took on the Fairview Park Warriors for our homecoming game. The Rangers went into the game feeling confident and excited to take home a win before homecoming. We started the game off strong. Senior Mason Ivinskas scored the team’s first touchdown. Lakewood’s defense was able to keep the Warriors from scoring the rest of the quarter. Sadly, at the start of the second quarter, the Warriors were able to score their first touchdown. Sophomore Jaylen Chappell was able to secure the Rangers’ second touchdown. 

Unfortunately, the Warriors were able to score two more touchdowns, which caused the Rangers to fall behind. With the Rangers down six points, Junior Alex Symons was able to throw Chappell a pass which gave them their third touchdown of the game. The Rangers scored the first touchdown of the third quarter bringing in the lead by six points. The Warriors came back with a touchdown of their own causing the game to be tied. Before the third quarter ended, Symons scored two touchdowns. By the end of the third quarter, the Rangers were up by 12. 

The Warriors were unable to score in the fourth quarter due to Lakewood’s fantastic defense. Rightfully, the Rangers secured the win 36-24. Great job, boys!