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You never know what to expect when going through the ups and downs of high school student life… but one thing that never changes is the consistent quality of our school lunches. For lunch on Oct. 21, Lakewood’s own cafeteria served up an American classic, chicken nuggets and corn, alongside other daily offerings like the peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables and the newly featured Big Daddy’s Pizza. The Times interviewed a student about today’s meal and the overall ambiance of Lakewood High’s Cafeteria. 

Anthony Metri remarks on his 5th-period lunch experience today and the quality of his mid-day meal. For lunch today, Metri chose to pick up the Chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce, corn, chocolate milk, and a PB&J Uncrustable. 

When describing the nuggets he says, “the chickey nuggs have an orangeish-gold color and a rough texture on the outside. When you bite in it’s hard to not notice the lack of seasoning. It’s like it has negative seasoning… or they removed the pre-seasoning that they had on there. It honestly is not even real chicken — it tastes like nothing.” 

Metri remarks on the rest of his lunch and the delectable Uncrustable… he seemed a bit unnerved about the pricey cost, as the PB&J’s run at $1.25 per sandwich pocket, but they still are so delicious. He rates them an easy 10/10, and recalls that they remind him of the warm, cuddly feeling that you would get when you would open up your lunch bag before an elementary field trip and bite into a PB&J that your mom made for you that morning. Overall Metri rated the ambiance in the lunchroom on this fine Thursday a solid 8. He said the best part of the meal was easily the chocolate milk… he liked it enough to down two of them!

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