Pros and Cons of New Public Scooters in Lakewood

Gaby Carroll-Greeves , Lakewood News Reporter

Do you ever wish that there is another way of transportation to get around Lakewood? Well, now there is. There are scooters stationed throughout Lakewood in 12 different places: Lakewood Park, Cove and Edgewater, Graber and Detriot, Edwards Park, Arthur and Detriot, Bunts and Detriot, Wagar Park, Newman and Detriot, Arthur and Madison, Wyandotte and Madison, Madison and Lark, and Madison Park. It is a great way to get around. 

There are many pros and cons to these scooters. A con would be an increase of accidents. Drivers might not see the scooter coming or might not be paying much attention; same thing with the people on the scooters. That being said, insurance could be a problem as well. As good as the scooters may be, they might get stolen, damaged, or left in places they shouldn’t be. 

Some pros of the scooters is how easy they are to use. You do not need a drivers license to use one. They are eco-efficient. It is a great way to have fun too! You can skip traffic jams and get places faster than a car when it comes to traffic. It is not very expensive. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot somewhere either. There are so many great things about renting a public scooter in Lakewood!