Week 1 for Lakewood Girl’s Basketball


Sydney Hampton, Sports Reporter

Lakewood High School girl’s basketball team’s season is underway! As the girls embark on the 22’-23’ season they are working hard toward success. On Saturday, Oct. 22, the teams were formed and the players were placed at a level that would ensure they had the most growth and success this season. 

Monday, Oct. 24 was the first day of practice for the girls. Amped up on adrenaline, each player came in with something to prove. As the week progressed and practices passed, the nerves settled and the soreness kicked in. The season was officially in full swing!

Senior Varsity Basketball player, Aya McAuliffe, has played for the Lakewood girl’s basketball program for all four years of high school and plays a huge role in the organization. She explained that “the first week of practice was really good. We have been pushing ourselves and each other to get ready for when games begin and I think that everyone is very excited.”