Preseason Interviews with Swimmers and Divers

Preseason Interviews with Swimmers and Divers

Erin Dippel, Lakewood Sports Reporter

We have entered the winter sports season, which means swimming is around the corner! The Lakewood Ranger swimming and diving team is led by Coach Portik and Coach Denny. Winter sports season is the longest of the seasons which consists of four hefty months of hard work and learning.

The Lakewood Times sat down with Clare Morrissey, a new addition to the swim team, and we talked about her thoughts on starting a new sport. “I am excited to start swimming as it will build up my strength and I think I will have a lot of fun with it. Senior diver, Lydianna Trudel, has been swimming and she influenced me to join the team,” states Morrissey. She then displayed the three-page schedule handed to her at the informational meeting. “Practice is about six times a week plus meets, which will be held on some Saturdays,” says Morrissey. Six days a week for practice calls for a lot of time management while still having to deal with the pressures of school. 

Returning 3-year senior diver Lydianna Trudel and newcomer Elliott Snyder also sat down with The Lakewood Times. Lydianna Trudel is excited to have friends joining her this year on the team. “Especially since it is my final year, I am super excited to have friends by myself because as long as swim season is, we really do make the most out of it with the people around us.” Elliott Snyder had a similar response to Morrissey as she said, “I  am nervous and excited about starting diving. I am also a little bit sad because I wish I had started earlier.” 

The Lakewood Swimming and Diving Team has their first meet Nov. 23 at the Lakewood High School Pool. The school is extremely fortunate to have a great swimming facility that holds a separate diving bay and seats for spectators. The team has seven different meets at the high school pool, so swing by and watch your Ranger swimmers and divers!