Lakewood Leaf Collection is Coming Up!

Gaby Carroll-Greeves , Lakewood News Reporter

Do you have leaves just laying around, and needing someone to come pick them up for you? Well on Tuesday, Nov. 1st, Lakewood will collect loose leaves. This will go on until Dec. 16th. The number of collection dates will vary because of the weather. That being said, residents should leave their bags of leaves out as early as possible. Lakewood’s goal is to get at least three passes through the whole city. The city will move from west to east, making a pass through the whole city. 

In order to efficiencies and enhance collection efforts, residents are asked to not park their cars in the street from the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If cars are parked it could interfere with leaves being picked up. Cars may be towed if necessary. Leaves on all streets will be collected by vacuum equipment. This way it will be much more efficient and will also reduce the amount of material that ends up in the city’s storm sewers and limit damage to tree lawns and street surfaces. The city of Lakewood asks that you don’t rake leaves into the street, as it may slow the pickup process down, and also blocks the storm drains, so the street might flood. Another important thing is there will not be a collection on Nov. 24th and 25th due to Thanksgiving. The collection is coming up soon so make sure you are ready!