Lakewood Bakery Favorites

Samantha Facaros, Food and Restaurants Reporter

Everyone at some point needs to fill their sweet tooth, especially this time of year with the holidays right around the corner. Luckily, Lakewood has many bakeries to choose from.

A community favorite in Lakewood is Blackbird Baking Company located at 1391 Sloane Ave. Don’t let the line inside fool you, the business is quick and efficient. With everything made from scratch, they serve bread, pastries, espressos, coffees, and tea. Their pastries include a selection of croissants with different fillings like almond butter, raspberry jam, and apricot jam. They also give you a more savory choice with ham and cheese, and spinach and feta cheese filling. The great thing is all of these pastries are under five dollars. Blackbird Baking Company also has different options for bread such as french bread, ciabatta, and focaccia. A small portion of bread sells at $3.50 and the large sell for $6.75. 

Another well-known bakery in Lakewood is Breadsmith, located at 18101 Detroit Ave. Breadsmith specializes in their assortments of bread and their many cookies. From almond apple cookies to Austrian pumpernickel they have everything you need to help your cravings. Breadsmith originally opened in 1993 and was founded by Dan Sterling. Believe it or not, this local favorite was not started in Lakewood; it was actually started in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Breadsmith will be around for years to come and will always be a local favorite in the city of Lakewood!