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Upcoming Dungeon and Dragons Club


Have you ever ever heard of live action role playing (abbreviated as LARP or LARPING) games before? If not, then live action role playing games are like board games except you and your friends are pretending to be actual characters in the game rather than just generic pieces in the game and level up and follow an actual story. If you have ever watched Stranger Things you probably have heard of the name Dungeons and Dragons before as it is the game Mike and his friends are playing in the show. Dungeons and Dragons (also abbreviated as D&D or DND) is one of many live action role playing games like Call of Cthulhu, Ingress Prime, Amtgard, Wraith, Lotka-Volterra, Breakout, and Night of Mystery to name a few other ones. Dungeons and Dragons was originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and originally published by Tactical Studies Rules in 1974. It has since then been published by Wizards of the Coast which is the same company that publishes Magic the Gathering and formally the Pokemon TCG.

Ms. Spies is currently waiting for approval on a Dungeons and Dragons club with Klah Bryant and Alec Young as the founders of the club. If this club gets approved and you are interested in joining the club here is some information you can hear to know what to expect when you join. You will start by making a character sheet for your character in the set campaign you plan to be in. Speaking of campaigns, Dungeons and Dragons is set by campaigns so there is not just only one story you will follow but each campaign you will join will have a unique story and set of characters. If this club gets approved it is estimated to have its first informational meeting either sometime around this December or early next year.

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