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Myth- The Water and The Moon

When the earth was young. The gods that resided over it were naive. Across its globe the God of Water, Cordel, would sit in waiting. They’d  watch as the Sun God lowered their vessel and waited in anticipation to witness the Moon God raise theirs. Cordel would try to follow the Moon God across the globe, but the moment they’d reach them they’d freeze. A cold terror would fill their heart and any words they could have spoken to the ethereal God of the Moon would fade away. 

The Moon God’s visage would dance on the waters Cordel would command, and Cordel would create a stage for the Moon that would be so breathtaking that it would cause jealousy in any soul watching. 

The Moon god of course took notice of Cordel and their actions, they witnessed the will of the major god and were flattered by their kindness. So much so that one night while lowering the moon they walked on the god’s water. They saw their reflection, and in the distance they saw the God of Water themself, standing in front of them. 

While Ehannei is ethereal, Cordel is Fanciful. The kindness that Cordel showed towards Ehannei warmed their heart, and in response the God of the Moon reached out to the God of the Water and allowed them to join their dance. The fear that has paralyzed Cordel every moment they tried to speak to them faded away, and soon their steps were in tune. One step to the left, two steps forward, dip, then one to the right. They danced as the sun rose above them, the golden  rays reflecting on Cordel, and Ehannei’s pale skin seemed to glow. 

What the two lovers didn’t know however was that there was another who sought to court the moon. One who takes their energy off of the dread of others. While Cordel loved the moon for their beauty and grace and for the way it lit up the sky in the dark, this god love the moon for the way it can incite terror, and for the fact it calls forth the darkness. 

They love the moon for the way they send children to bed, only for them to wake from nightmares. For the way it obscures what the pitiful mortals see, making them quiver and jump in fear.

Agima, the God of Fear, loved the moon as well. And Agima now watches as the love of their life falls for someone as naive as the water. They had tried countless times to make Ehannei think of them, only to be met with resentment and scorn, and fine. If that’s how they want to play it, Agima can retaliate. 

If Ehannei cannot find it in themselves to love them, then no one can love Ehannei. 

The moon god cannot resist the fear that Agima pours into them, that Agima forces them to experience. The moon god cannot prevent the resulting terror they feel to be upon the water, outside of the safety of the heavens. They cannot stop the heartbreak as they feel themself pull away from Cordel.

For as much as their heart longs to reach out to Cordel, their mind spasms in its wake, paranoia eating up their mind taking them from a full moon, to a waxing crescent.  

As the moon rises and sets, Cordel reaches out to their love, unable to truly touch them. They take the tides and pray that destiny will allow them to feel their darling again. 

Legend- Alone on The Waves

Long ago the world was full of explorers, be them pirates or great adventurers, the world was unknown. Nothing was more unknown than the great ocean however, full of mysteries and beasts of enormous proportion. 

One terrain so full of uncertainties, unexplainable things can occur. For example, the odd occurrence of ships losing an entire crew, only to sail on the seas as a ghost ship. When boarded the ship would be empty and scarce, there would be no sign of struggle on the ship. No sign of storm nor fight. The captain’s quarters would have a journal page set up for the day half filled but with no explanation. 

The table in the main deck would still have half filled tankards of rum, and barely eaten food on plates. The lifeboat would still be docked, and the rope intact. Yet not a single body existed on the ship.

Except for when the moon shines on the deck. As the sun hides away and the moon takes its place, ghostly apparitions reveal themselves. The bodies may have abandoned the ship, but the souls would see their adventure out. 

At the head of the ship in the captain’s quarters there would be a spirit with no discernible face, but hair that covers her surroundings in a thick fog. She held many piercing eyes, but no mouth to bark orders from. Instead her order’s came out of the mouth of her first mate’s flaming skull. He would make sure the ship’s mates wouldn’t devolve into chaos, as his captain kept tabs on their journey. 

At the Helm of the ship built into the boat wheel, is the helmsman. Their soul is presented as water and wood, forever attached to the wheel. They will not, can not leave their task and they wouldn’t want to. For if they left, who would steer their ship? At their side a small spirit. She carries features of an angler fish, and holds a compass and a map. She keeps their helmsman company, and tries to direct her fellow spirits to shore. 

Back on the main deck two brothers work to keep the ship in order. The much taller, leaner one takes on the role of a quartermaster. He’s light hearted and one with the sailors. Any problem his fellow spirits had he would direct to their captain. His brother however, a much more stout and grumpy character was in charge of what the other sailors do. Him and his brother would butt heads — but they were there to keep the captain and first mate from getting involved. 

And as a lookout for other ships and for shore was the lookout. Her form is far more dismembered than her fellow pirates. She lacked a head, and her mouth was above her large eye on the stomach. She carried a telescope and called down to their navigator whenever she thought she saw a glimpse of land. 

Unfortunately for this ship however, they will never return to the docks again. Lost at sea in an empty ship, with tankards half full and logs barely written. When the sun rises again they disappear, and once again there is only a sense of haunting loneliness left.

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