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“All in the Name of Balance” (Myth)


They were all the creation of chaos, the supreme void that called them into existence, to inhabit the corners of the earth and to create balance. The goddess race, holding the divine powers was to own everything above the clouds and so be their home. The demon race with their power of darkness was to nurse themselves into the pits of the earth, deep down into the abyss. The fairies and giants were the kings of nature and dominated the forests. Chaos also birthed another set of creatures, different from the others, holding no powers, no wings; these were odd creatures called.–Humans…Altogether, the perfect balance was sired, away from chaos, an era of full equilibrium. Such balance was not to be broken by no kind, and wrecking it, would bring chaos. 

To maintain balance, the two supreme clans, the goddess race, and the demon race, were forever bonded to be enemies. No collaboration between the two clans was permitted; the goddess remained in the celestial realm, while the demons occupied the purgatory. Absolute balance reigned among the two species until one day, lord Shyprus on a mission sent by his father, or the demon, decided to stop by Ofelia for a short break, a small flooding island where the two realms collide. As he landed with his troops of demons, his eyes spotted the eliminating pearly wings of an angel flying around galactic space.


“Comrade, doth thou see what I see?” He asked one of the demons.

“Yes mine lord it’s an angel…wait not just any angel it’s the princess!” exclaimed the demon.

“The princess?” He replied back with his brows risen.

He meant to approach her closely but the idea seemed humorous as he looked at his black devilish warrior attire and the rank that he held, which was that of a demon, which he knew to not be a fit for her angelic being. But as he glanced at her divine face, he couldn’t help but be seduced by the movements of her cherry lips as she spoke, the shininess of her pearly complexion, and her snowy flapping wings. To him, she was the definition of beauty, a real magnet. As the son of the demon king, Shyprus then carried his air of royalty and proudly ambled toward the princess.

“Hello–.” He said while clearing out his throat.

“Hmm, Hello? May I wot whom thou are?” Replied the princess as she maintained her stares across his handsome face.

“Oh, good day. I’m prince Shyprus, son of the demon king,” uttered Shyprus.

“Prince Shyprus? I am named Agarteal, daughter of the supreme deity.” added the princess in a docile tone.

Shyprus bowed down, kissed the princess’ fair hand, and said aloud “It is an honor to meet thou!”

They both knew of their origin, but the emotions of which they felt at the moment, had no time for rationality; they were purely in love. Every day they met under the tree of times at Ofelia and would spend evenings together. Because of his several absences from the missions given by his father, the demon King ordered Shyprus to be followed, and discover the obscured truth behind his mutiny. The supreme Deity was held aware of the atrocity that had happened.


The goddess race and the demon race are forever bonded to be nemesis and love; the clan was seen to be an abomination. From the beginning of times, the two clans were meant to hate each other to create balance in their worlds. This prolonged rivalry birthed the holy war, a war between the goddess race, the demons, the fairies, and the giants. Breaking this cycle would bring chaos. Creating a world of chaos, unbalance, disaster, and disorder in the natural order.


To prevent this from going further, the two gods cursed them both and cast them out into the human world. Shyprus, the demon king’s son, was to be immortal and would watch his beloved die right before his eyes; it was meant to be a continuous circle. Agarteal, daughter of the supreme deity, was to live each of her lives with no memories of the others, and die after knowing Shyprus. Both of them, because of the curse, would eventually meet during Agarteal lifetime and she would in the end die right before Shyprus eyes over and over. The repetitive circle, the unescapable curse set by the gods, to punish them for their forbidden love. All in the name of balance.

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