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What Have They Become? (Legend)

Do you believe in mermaids? Do you think they are real? Do you sometimes ask yourself, how did they come about? Mermaids are the people of the water, half human, and half fish. 

Around the era when time was not being counted, existed an ancient civilization of multiple creatures that walked on the ground of this earth. It existed a man named Noe, whom God the creator, gave the task of building a gigantic boat that could fit a whole population. A huge deluge was to pour down onto the earth, and the building of the arc was a way to protect them from the storm. The flood was for 40 days and 40 nights, and was to destroy the whole earth.


Noah spent many years building the arc and warning civilians of the big storm coming. To them, he was bluffing and needed to retire in his old age. They kept drinking, partying, marrying, and marrying their daughters and sons, while the old Noah kept his obedience to his God and continued to build the Arc. After many years the work was done and it was time for the last call to onboard into the Arc. Noah waited, and no one else came other than his family members who believed him. The rain then started, and for three long days, it kept raining. The civilians then came and were banging on the Arc with no success; the door was now closed. After many days, they all died, and their souls were crying out to God.


“Oh, you old merciful lord, let us at least reside in this water, may we live in here,” shouted them to God as a prayer.

“Let so be it, go and fill the oceans,” said the old mighty.

Today those souls are the inhabitants of the oceans who have transformed into the form we see; the humans of the waters; those who were gracefully granted life by the old mighty to live upon oceans, and are the reason why we have mermaids.

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