Film Club

Aya McAuliffe, Clubs and Organizations Reporter

Lakewood High School’s first film club meeting was on Thursday, Oct. 30. The club watches movies and discusses them.  They watched the movie Knives Out. All are welcome and they provide snacks.  

The Lakewood Times talked to former member  Alejandro Nieves Bucey about his thoughts on the club.

What were your thoughts on Film club?

“I really liked it. I was only able to go to a few meetings though but the ones I went to I enjoyed.”

What was your favorite Movie?

“My favorite movie we watched would probably be The Blair Witch project .”

Will you be attending any meetings this year?

“I would like to try to go to maybe a few. But not all of them.”

The Film club shows one different movie every month. Next month they will be showing the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. Remember, all are welcome anytime!