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Myth: The Duality of Dreams

Beyond our plane of existence, there exists a god of peaceful slumber. His name is Somnium, stemming from the Latin word for “dream.” He has a natural radiance about him, both literally and figuratively. His warm and reassuring light illuminates the minds of those he touches, allowing for restful sleep. Each night, Somnium travels the realm of the human psyche, delivering sweet dreams to all. On his nightly voyage, he absorbs the hopes and ambitions of the people he visits. Spinning these into delightful stories, he dances gracefully through their unconscious, entertaining them while their bodies are at rest.


He can’t occupy the entire world each and every night, however. It’s just not feasible. Those he doesn’t reach before the sunrise are sent into a state of nothingness, where they will remain until it’s time to wake up. These people are more likely to be visited by Timeo, the god of terror and unrest. Preying on the unattended, Timeo plants seeds of doubt and anguish in his victims. These fears manifest themselves as chilling nightmares, preventing people from ever achieving restful sleep. 


When Somnium senses a nightmare occuring, he is forced to intervene in one of two ways. If the victim is nearby, he is able to lift them from their unsound slumber with ease, leaving them with sweeter dreams. If the victim is farther away, however, he may be forced to awaken them altogether. He uses this only as a last resort, but he still feels immense guilt each time he’s forced to do it. He sends thwarted nightmares straight back to Timeo, who quickly recycles some of the hardest hitters. One of his most mortifying and potent creations is his “come to school without pants” dream. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t as traditionally haunting as some of his other works, but it tends to have an effect on people. He considers it one of his crowning achievements.


As the night winds down, Somnium himself begins to feel sleepy. He continues his work between yawns and exhausted stretches, but he can’t resist the pull for long. The second the sun peeks out across the horizon, he flies away into the shining celestial body, falling into a deep and restful slumber. As the sun rises, Timeo also vanishes into the night without a trace. As Somnium rests soundly, he unknowingly transmits residual signals to the people of Earth. These become daydreams, sneakily manifesting themselves in vacant and inattentive minds. Somium and Timeo’s rivalry may be ongoing, but one thing is for certain: Whether peaceful or petrifying, the magic and magnificence of dreams is undeniable.


Legend: The Wood County Wolfman

According to local legend, a frightening beast dwells in the heart of Wood County, OH. No one knows for sure where it came from. Some believed that it migrated over from Michigan or Wisconsin. Others speculate that it’s a remnant of a time before ours, untouched by the modern world. No matter what you believe, though, one thing’s for certain: The Wood County Wolfman is real.

Descriptions vary from person to person, but I can testify to its appearance. I’ve seen the beast. On all fours, it stands at about three and a half feet, but its height doubles on its hind legs. Stringy, matted fur covers most of its body, thinning out near its fleshy underside. Jagged fangs occupy its elongated canine muzzle, only rivaled in intimidation factor by its two piercing eyes. When reflecting light, they shine back like those of a hunter. I’ll never forget how it felt to be caught in their paralyzing gaze.

I encountered the ferocious beast while camping out this past summer. I’m from the city, but my heart belongs to the outdoors. On the way to the campground, I drove past large signs and tourist traps profiting off of the age-old legend. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Maybe I should’ve taken it as a warning. When I finally arrived at the site, I haphazardly set up camp. 

After an eventful afternoon of fishing, hiking, and recreation, I exhaustedly returned to my tent. I was ready to crash. As I laid out my sleeping bag, though, I began to feel the call of the wild. It was dark out, so I figured I’d just go out in the woods. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out into the night, making my way down to a nearby creek. When business was finished, I fastened my belt and went to grab my torch. That’s when I saw it. 

An unknown figure loomed in the shadows across the stream. At first, I thought it was another camper, but I quickly doubted my own judgment when I noticed its abnormal stature. I squinted my eyes to get a better look at the thing, but it was hard to see anything at that hour. I thought about shining my light, but that would be suicide. Whatever the thing was, it was big. Just as I turned to go, I heard a rumbling growl call out from behind me. I’d been spotted.

I booked it out of the clearing, leaving any sense of caution in the dust. I heard rustling in the bushes behind me, but I was too terrified to look back. I couldn’t risk getting caught. When I reached my tent, I quickly zipped the closing shut and turned off my light. I hid my head under my blanket and laid in fetal position. When I heard the monster emerge from the treeline, I peeked out of the mesh panels of the tent, finally getting a clear look at the thing. As I hid my head once more, the lupine creature got down on all fours and began to sniff around. Just then, I had a stomach-churning realization. The beast was hunting me.

Quickly and quietly, I rummaged through my travel bag, praying to the forces above that the lycanthrope wouldn’t hear me. My fingers grazed an unopened can of bug spray. I aggressively ripped off the seal and sprayed like no tomorrow in an attempt to mask my scent. The creature must have heard me, however, because I heard it moving toward my tent. I saw its silhouette move around the silky exterior of the canvas, searching for any sign of movement. I froze. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’d practically stopped breathing. The Wolfman curiously nuzzled the side of the tent as tears welled up in my eyes. It was going to get me.

Suddenly, the low rumbling of an engine rang out across the grounds. The Wolfman froze like a deer in headlights, standing up on its haunches. I heard the park warden shout angrily, scaring the beast back into the clearing. As its grimy tail disappeared into the dense foliage, I breathed a sigh of relief. The warden unzipped the opening as I climbed out of my sleeping bag.

“You alright?” he grumbled.

“I’m good, but… what was that thing?”

“I call it Maverick. Most call it the Wolfman.

“That’s real? I thought it was a folk tale…”

“Y’gotta be careful out there, kid. Don’t take nothin’ or no one for granted. You never know what you’ll find in those woods, they harbor more secrets than you could possibly imagine. Next time, just stay home.”

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