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Mental Health at Lakewood High School

  In high school, we all start growing and making new friends, losing friends, getting confused, and it is really frustrating when we can’t figure out what is going on with ourselves. The Lakewood Times would like to talk to the students about mental health. We all have had anxiety about a test or gotten down in the dumps for a while. It’s hard to get out of that hole when you have no hope for the future. The Lakewood Times talked to some students and teachers about the mental health challenges in our school. We believe our school to be very communicative in our options for help with any type of health if any students have concerns about themselves or others.

We asked Koda Ford about their views on the mental health help at Lakewood High School. This is what they said.

Do you believe there to be a lot of options for any and all students to get help if they choose to get it?

“I believe there are a lot of options for talking to people and getting help but only if you’re the kind of person that’s okay with everyone knowing your business. There are no private routes to take.”

What do you think contributes to the well being of students at this school?

“I think the students help each other more than anyone else. The counselors could help, teachers could help, but students’ friends are the biggest support we have in the building. Which makes things difficult when teachers separate us or tell us that us talking to each other is inappropriate. I understand there’s a time and place but sometimes we need a little support and there isn’t a lot of room for that during the school day.”

What can we do to help the students have a better school year next year?

“Allow more freedom to be around each other. Yes, school is learning, but it’s also very taxing mentally and emotionally and being treated like prisoners with very little space to be people.”

To the students of  Lakewood High School, we hope this was eye-opening to read and we hope you can get the help you deserve if you choose to got that route. Instead of using “Stop It” like we did in previous years, we are now with the Safer Ohio Top Like that accepts calls and texts 24/7. Students, staff, and parents can use it anytime they need to. The tip line number is 844-SaferOH or 844-723-3764

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