Elves Week


Maddie Kratz , Student News Reporter

Hello all Seniors!

One of the most fun and community-like activities is coming up soon for the seniors this year. Our high school has hosted a fundraiser called Elves Week for years now. This fundraiser consists of all the seniors volunteering to dress up like Santa’s elves for the week and try and collect money from others at the school. Now, these costumes do have to coincide with the dress code, but other than that the school encourages going all out to really emphasize the spirit of the holiday season. Elves might ask for spare change in exchange for Christmas candies or sing a Christmas carol for them. 

The money that gets collected will be donated at the end of the week of December 5th to December 9th to a local charity that the high school chooses. At the end of each day, you will turn in the money collected to the bookroom and then get ready to gear up again the next day. This has been a tradition for our school for years and years. It is a way for our community and students to come together to bring the Christmas spirit to everyone and also work for a good cause. 

This is not taking away from the efforts of the National Honors Society Hope for Holidays drive but instead, it is just another way to make a difference. 

The Book Room has sent out emails to all of the seniors, and for those who signed up, they will continue to send emails with updates if needed.

If you see the senior elves walking around the school next week, we encourage you to donate anything you can. We cannot wait to see all the costumes and the donations!