Keeping Our Sidewalks Clean This Winter

Samantha Facaros, Lakewood News Reporter

With the weather finally starting to feel like winter also comes with snow which we Clevelanders are not new to. With Lakewood being a walking city for the majority it is the citizens’ and homeowners’ jobs this winter to keep our sidewalks clear of snow and safe from ice. 

A good majority of students walk to school every day with no other choice, so let’s make their walk less miserable. Two things that you should always have on hand for the winter are a shovel and more importantly salt. You may think that we are stating the obvious but according to the CDC, there are a million injuries and seventeen thousand deaths every year due to people simply slipping on ice and snow. Most of these were due to head-related injuries due to obstructions on walkways and many needed to seek immediate medical care. Unfortunately, that means that these types of injuries are common. 

If you have lived in northeast Ohio for a long enough time you know by now that it is no secret how unpredictable our weather is here, so if there is a chance that there is an unexpected snowstorm and you do not have salt on hand there are many placeholders that work just as well. These items include coffee grinds, sawdust, sand, vinegar, and kitty litter. These are great alternatives for managing icy surfaces. Another great alternative is using juice from sugar beets which lower the melting point of snow and is also safe for plants and animals and concrete. 

Please do your part this winter and keep your sidewalks clear and safe for students and other citizens!