Spring Musical Information

Jacob Mariani, Performing Arts Reporter

The Barnstormer’s Spring Musical Anastasia is coming around the corner and here’s some information about it.

The show will open on March 9, and close on March 11. The cast is made entirely of LHS students, Anastasia will be played by senior Ava Breuning, Dmitry will be played by freshman Owen Hill, Vlad will be played by sophomore Charles Scott, Gleb will be played by senior Jacob Mariani, The Dowager Empress will be played by senior Lydia Kress, and the Countess Lily will be played by junior Eileen Brady. The ensemble will be played by many of the LHS students.

The show will also have live music from a pit orchestra constructed entirely of Lakewood High School students. The pit orchestra is run by the Lakewood High School Orchestra director, Dr. Elizabeth Hankins. There are currently 34 Lakewood High Student sin  the pit orchestra

The show focuses on Anya (Anastasia) and her quest to remember if she really is the lost Romanov daughter. With the help of Dmitry and Vlad, the three of them go to Paris to show the Dowager Empress that they have the real Anastasia. They’re doing this while trying to avoid being caught by Russian officer Gleb Vaganov, who has feelings for Anya but is conflicted by what he wants and what his father would’ve wanted from him.

The Lakewood Times encourages you all to go see the musical when it opens, and to support our young actors and our young musicians. See you there!