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The Possible Cut to Music

The Possible Cut to Music
Lakewood City Schools

A recent decision made by the school board may cause a threat to music in Lakewood city schools, and we have to do something about it. In elementary schools, the school week is split up so there are a corresponding number of days during the week where students can either spend a class period in art, music, or recess. In recent debates, the school board has shown an obvious approval for the cut to the amount of days that elementary school students spend their time doing a music class, and lately it has been seeming like this cut was going to be approved. However this is not a new debate, for the past few years the school board has been wanting this cut to go through but has been successfully interrupted by passionate students and parents who reject the idea. 

Talking to some Orchestra students, they express that this possible decision makes them very upset. A big fear is that this change will cause students to derail from wanting to take music classes and also take away practice time for them to be able to grow their skills. Music takes time and practice in order to polish that will not be given to elementary schoolers which will also impact their skills if they choose to take music classes further down the line. 

It is important to teach young children STEM, however it shouldn’t be prioritized over Music but instead work equally together to teach students about all the arts. This will continue to  allow students to feel that they have a proper choice between music, art, or even both when they continue their schoolings.  

If you want more information on the issue or you want to do something about this change, please either contact the Music director, Dr. Hankins, or the Lakewood city schools school board.

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