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What You Can Do For The Music Department!

What You Can Do For The Music Department!
Lakewood City Schools

Last week, the week of Jan. 29, the school board stated that they approve of the cut to the music department by only giving elementary students one day a week to participate in music classes, with the goal to be to provide more ‘equity’ between the rotating courses of music, PE, and art; Music classes go year round, PE takes up three quarters and Art takes up one quarter. Even though this may seem reasonable, it is also important to take into consideration the students themselves and how this decision may impact their choice on whether or not to take music in middle and high school. 

However the decision hasn’t been passed yet and students and parents still have the ability to express their dissatisfaction, the Lakewood music director Dr. Hankins will inform the students on what actions they can take when the time comes. Until then, the important dates given are Feb. 14, which will be a meeting between the administration and the teachers, along with the next Board of Education meeting which will be held on Feb. 21. The next Board of Education meeting should be put on anyone’s calendar who is willing to participate in sharing their thoughts and feelings on the situation. By talking directly to the board it could potentially tip the balance, so if you are willing to participate with this meeting feel free to contact the Lakewood music boosters email and we hope to see you there! 

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