Ohio State Ensemble Contests!

Fiona Loudermilk, Performing Arts Reporter

On Saturday, Feb. 25, Lakewood High School will be hosting the state orchestra contests. Orchestras and ensembles from different schools around the state are allowed to come to our school to perform for a line of judges, pieces that they have practiced for months prior and a piece of music that we have never seen before that we will have to sight read. Different ensembles around the state are rated in different classes that dictate what they would be playing and what the judges expect out of the ensemble. Our high school ensembles, Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra and wind ensemble are all rated the highest class, which is AA. 

The ensembles will be judged on their cooperation skills and ability to be an organized  group that will follow the rules of the contest. Along with how well the ensemble is able to deduce the sight reading music given to us and the conductor’s signals while playing, the highest scores we can get will be 1 while the lowest will be a 5. The ensembles have been practicing ever since last year and have been working hard everyday. So wish us luck!