Working at Angelo’s Pizza

Working at Angelos Pizza

Marissa White, Lakewood News Reporter

Many students are looking for jobs during their high school careers or maybe even after graduating. With Lakewood being such a small community, many high schoolers are looking for jobs that they can enjoy. Angelo’s is a well-suited choice for teenagers because it is flexible, close to the high school, you can obtain a lot of benefits from working there, and it is the type of job you will likely stay with for many years.

Angelo’s is a pizza restaurant located at 13715 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107. It was bought in 1981 by Tom Kess and he built it up from practically nothing into what we know today as the very popular Angelo’s. He was a first-time owner in the pizza business and yet came out extremely successful.

The age limit for Angelo is extremely lenient. You would need to talk to the owner and have an interview, but depending on transportation needs and how many hours you can work, your age doesn’t matter to them as much. Many workers there would recommend not applying at Angelo’s if you don’t enjoy a fast-paced job. Lakewood students tend to work there for years. Angelo’s has a very flexible schedule, especially for younger workers. As long as the employees keep good communication habits, things will go smoothly.

There are many different job positions available at Angelo’s; you’re sure to find one suited for you. The jobs available include a bus person, server, cashier, pizza maker, cook/chef, prep person, and higher-up positions that you may be bumped up to depending on work ethic and time spent with Angelo’s.