An Interview with Westside Skates

Ayla French, Lakewood News Reporter

Westside Skates is a local skate shop located at 14047 Madison Ave. The Lakewood Times interviewed the owner Brian Jules, asking him all about Westside Skates so that potential customers know what it’s all about.

Let’s start at the beginning, Nov. 17, 1995, where they began with their mission “To provide a cool and unique retail space offering the best products in skateboarding,” according to Jules. He chose to start a skateboard business because “It is what I knew growing up and Cleveland did not have a dedicated 100% skate shop at the time.” The name Westside Skates comes from how Jules “Grew up on the west side and most skate spots were on the west side, so it was [meant] to be.” Westside Skates’ location was chosen because “Lakewood was a destination place when I was younger and our store is conveniently located by the highway.” 

Running a skate shop is a unique business venture, and Jules says that “Day in and day out, it is all about having products in place for consumers.  Pretty much you have to be in the loop of what’s hot and what’s not.” Jules’ goal for Westside Skate is “To be at the forefront of skateboard retail/knowledge to our local skateboard community.” Westside Skates’ atmosphere for the workers is “Very relaxed, open-minded and alternative!” according to Jules.

When asked where he sees Westside Skates in three years, Jules says “In the same place and doing the same – having the most unique and knowledgeable place for skateboarder’s needs.”  

While owning a skate shop is cool, it comes with its own challenges. “Today’s retail world is an ever-challenging job. Corporation’s technology of online advertising and marketing is our #1 challenge.  Today’s shopper’s are fed info through their phones making it harder for small retail stores like us to gain customers.  Online shopping has become instant gratification for consumers over supporting local retail,” says Jules.

If you’re looking for a good local skate shop to start your journey of skating, if you’re a pro looking for a new board, or just looking for a new pair of cool shoes, Westside Skates is the place to go!