An Interview with Spellbound


Maddi Walcheck, Lakewood Times Reporter

Everyone loves to tap into their wild and dark side every now and then, and nothing does that like some good old witchcraft and wizardry. Spellbound in Lakewood is a store that specializes in the world of magic and spiritualism. 

According to Spellbound owner Julie Flager de Benavente, even though the shop opened on Aug. 26, 2022, the dream began for her back in 2018. “It was a vision I had and then brought it into the physical realm,” Benavente stated. Benavente had business experience before running Spellbound, however, with her running a business called “ooh-la-la”, and also running a successful international business for over 10 years, but she wanted to go back to a small business environment. Benavente’s inspiration for opening Spellbound was her love of vintage and new wares, as well as being able to showcase her design skills.

Benavente opened up on the struggles of owning a small business, with her main hardship being that she is busy all the time. However, she very much enjoys helping people who need her and seeing the smiles on their faces.  “When you love what you do, it’s never work at all,” says Benavente. Benavente says that her favorite item to sell is the new and vintage Halloween items that are sold year-round, and she also says that the stones and crystals are the items people ask for the most. 

When asked what she would change about her business, Benavente simply said, “The only thing we will do is grow into a bigger space and add more unique wares to make people happy. I love Spellbound as I put my heart into it. I wouldn’t really change anything!” In the future, Benavente sees Spellbound being a spot of community and healing in Lakewood. Upon being asked what she would do if she could open another business, Benavente said, “I would open a complex that caters to all things Halloween and horror! Open on Friday and Saturday nights all year round with a haunted house and a bar that had all spooky drinks.”