The Root Cafe

The Root Cafe

Mallory Zavatchen, Lakewood News reporter

Ever get tired of the same name-brand coffee and want to discover a new coffee shop?  The Root Cafe is a friendly cafe in Lakewood, Ohio housing art, coffee, tea, food, and the overall energy of Lakewood. The Root has a vegan and vegetarian-friendly kitchen, selling mainly all organic baked goods. The Root put down their own roots here and quickly became one of Lakewood’s favorite coffee shops. Co-owner Julie Hutchison has been a part of the journey since 1999.

In a densely populated city like Lakewood, many people enjoy organic, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly places. There are many food places in Lakewood that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, but not as many coffee shops. The Root gives the opportunity for people with different eating styles than their friends to be able to go out and have a variety of options. “The Root makes their own vegan cheese and vegan nut milk,” says Hutchison. 

The Root sells a variety of foods including salads, taco salads, hummus, and zoodles. Along with food, The Root also sells coffee, lattes, and teas. The cafe’s menu includes: Drip, Pour Over, Iced Coffee, Toddy coffee, Cafe au Lait, Chai, Teas, or Tisanemany. Hutchison recommends her favorite, a cortado with nut milk. For those wondering, The Root receives their coffee from Duck-Rabbit Coffee and Rising Star Espresso.

Many may wonder, how did The Root become the way it is today? Hutchison has experience in the past from working at the Arabica, and she has previously owned the Phoenix Coffee Company. Hutchison has also been co-owning The Root since 1999. She told Lakewood Times,  “I took over that cafe when I was 21 years old because the owner did not want to be involved anymore and could not sell it. I was the manager at the time and made a contract to take over the debt of the business, but only paid $1.” The future looks bright for The Root as Hutchison says, “That we can continue to serve Cleveland with good quality food and possibly open other locations to serve more communities.”

With nothing but flying colors in The Roots reviews, many people enjoy the environment there and all they have to offer. Mckenna Hunt, a student at Lakewood High School states, “I love going to The Root! It’s so pretty inside and they have the best baking goods!”