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Why We are Born and Why We Must Die (Myth)
The Goddess from above created this speck of life and let it travel around like a dandelion planting all its little seeds around the world. We’re a small tiny seed that grows more and more until we can see the bright light and get touched by soft gentle hands. The Goddess of life wanted to create multiple life forms and watch them grow into these beautiful creatures. The Goddess was beautiful and had a kind soul, but this Goddess was not like the others. This one had an alter ego; an unkind soul that wanted to take those little seeds away. 


This Goddess doesn’t let her alter ego out until it’s time. She is the mother of all time; once all those small tiny seeds go down an hourglass goes up to her with the time we have—our lifespan. She would watch over all the glasses and watch every speck of sand go to the bottom of the hourglass. The alter ego wouldn’t take over till she noticed that the sand was about to run out. 


The alter ego was always known to be evil, but it was her job. Her job of taking those whose times are finally up and need to be taken to another world of the heavens. The seeds that are spread around like a dandelion will only last for a while. They’re not meant to last for eternity. Once a being’s life has reached its limits, a new life is born into the world. This Goddess has made it so that our lifespan can last up to 90 years, but death can be upon us at any moment depending on what our hourglass has in store for us. 


We are brought into this world of life, but just like a dandelion our seeds will only last for a while, and when the time comes our seeds will rot away and death comes for us to take us to another world. 

The Flower Valley (Legend) 

You would think someone would leave all the bad memories in the past but not Lillian, this wasn’t going to be the case for her. The old Bay also known as the flower valley has been said to have some strange activities going on. 

Back in the 1800s, Lillian had a husband that she loved so much and would do anything for him, but that wasn’t the case for the husband. Lillian was beautiful and had a kind soul. He loved her but also loved another. He always discarded her. Never showed any attention to her and always had his eyes on another woman.  He tried to be accismus about the fact he had his eyes on someone else that wasn’t Lillian, but Lillian knew the real truth. Lillian tried everything to grab his attention, but it would only last for a couple of hours and he would be back looking at another woman.

 Lillian became depressed and only wanted love from her husband. On the day of their anniversary, she wanted him to meet her at the Old Bay, but once she got there the sight she saw broke her heart. Lillian’s husband was with another woman; she was smiling and laughing. The things Lillian wanted her and her husband to have. The husband noticed her and shot her to death. He got rid of something that was “in his way” of wanting anything he wanted. 

A few months after the incident when they finally found her body in the Old Bay. They noticed as she was floating with Cherry Blossoms and Spider Lilys surrounding her. This is why the Old Bay is also known as the Flower Valley; ever since the incident, the only things that would grow around that area would be Cherry Blossoms and Red spider lilies. It is known that if you try to pick one of these flowers your finger will get pricked or cut by something and you’ll feel a sharp pain in your chest.  

It is said that when you go by the Old Bay you can see a young beautiful lady walking down the Bay still searching and calling out for her husband. Or you can hear the weeping of a woman with her asking one question “Why wouldn’t he love me?”

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