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Cat drawings going around Lakewood

Megan Radulov

Have you seen this cat drawing that has been going around Lakewood? Students in Lakewood High School have been seeing this cat drawing graffiti on tables, desks, and bathroom walls. Since then, this cat drawing has gone beyond Lakewood High School and is now all over the city of Lakewood.

Who might be behind this cat or maybe some type of relation to this cat drawing? Well, Lakewood High School senior Richard Levesque has spotted one of these cat drawings but unlike the other ones, this one has a message on it that read, “f*ck Mason.” The Lakewood Times asked Mason if he knew anything about this cat drawing but he said “I have no relation.” 

After the Lakewood Times investigated more, they found a person they will refer to as Joe because they prefer to stay anonymous. Joe has witnessed this person named Sun drawing these cats firsthand around Lakewood (Sun is another code name to keep this person anonymous). When the Lakewood Times asked Sun about the cat drawings, he immediately denied it. Is Sun really the person behind these cat drawings? The world may never know.

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  • M

    M AngMar 28, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    i think its more than one person because of different marker colors and sometimes there paint marker but its usually sharpie