Lakewood’s favorite gas station

Alejandro Nieves Bucey, Lakewood News Reporter

What gas station is your favorite? The Lakewood Times sent out a survey to determine which gas station students prefer and why. The choices on the form sent were Speedway, GetGo, 7/11, Circle K, BP, and other. With over 200 responses submitted, GetGo took first place with 55.3%, 7/11 took second place with 11.1%, and SpeedWay took third place with 19.1%. 

These are some of the responses that came from the form the survey theLakewood Times sent 

 “It is closest to the High school,” “Slushies >:D,” “Close to my house and all the pumps usually are working,” “Because I earn “perks” by shopping at Giant Eagle, so I save money on gas,” and“usually the cheapest / good doughnuts.”

In the end, GetGo gets the victory since most LHS students responded with the fact it was closest to the school.