National Honors Society Meeting

National Honors Society Meeting

Maddie Kratz, Clubs and Organizations Reporter

Hi Rangers!

One of the most prestigious clubs and organizations at Lakewood High School is our National Honors Society chapter. This organization consists of the most academically-driven and involved people at our school who get selected based on the terms of GPA, service work, leadership, and recommendation. This group meets once a month and works on service projects or events. 

This month’s project on Tuesday, March 28 took place in the cooking rooms after school.  The members baked all types of cookies including sugar cookies, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, Reese’s cups, and even a crowd favorite, the Pillsbury holiday painted cookies. In the past years they have donated these cookies to the firefighters and first responders in Lakewood, but this year they donated them to educators including teachers, LHS staff, and the Board of Education. 

The goal of this cookie donation is to bring joy and show the school’s appreciation for these educators who do so much for the students and the community as a whole. These educators work tirelessly day in and day out to support students’ education and their growth as people, so just doing small and random acts of kindness and gratitude like this tries to make a dent in repaying them for what they do. 

The Lakewood Times is proud of our NHS chapter here for their acts of service! The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 25 after school in a to-be-determined location.