Scholarship Opportunities For Seniors

Gaby Carroll-Greeves , Student News

Are you planning on going to college? Are you looking for some extra money towards the cost of college? There are plenty of scholarship opportunities for seniors. There are over 15 scholarships that will help with the cost of college. 

If you are a senior that is planning to attend a four-year college to major in education then the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Alpha & Tau Chapter Scholarship is for you! The deadline is April 20, 2023. Applications are in Naviance and hard copies are available outside the guidance office. 

Lakewood Women’s Club, Lakewood Athletic Boosters, Balance Man, Silver and Gold, and The Cleveland Hockey Booster Scholarships all have scholarships available. This is just the beginning of the list. All Information can be found on the Senior Google Classroom, Naviance Scholarship list, or the College Now Google Classroom.