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“Jazmine” Observational Writing

Her brown her gently tied up into two loose braids that dangle below her shoulders. Her hair as dark as rosewood slightly curled at the end. Her eyes glimmered in the sunlight through the glass pane of the school’s window. Jazmine’s gentle smile waved the attention away from the sun itself. Grabbing the eyes of the onlookers that pass her. Her soft voice climbs across the cafeteria. Reaching out amongst the ears of the passerby.  Reaching about 5’5 in height, she floats in between those she passes. Never seeming to drop a smile, as it always seemed to sit upon her lips.


Jazmine was aware of her subtle beauty, never quite acknowledging it. Always putting herself at the back of the group, not in ways of fear or shyness, but simply because she felt no need to take away any moment from another person. Her energy could warm the air around her. As a radiant beam cast from her. She looked over at her classmates her smile finally dropping. As if instigated by some benevolent force, she arose from her seat, quickly moving to one on the farther side of the cafeteria. 


A group of girls smugly glare at her. With discontent in her eyes, she keeps her eyes glued to her phone, occasionally looking up out the window. As time passes, she seems to become more restless. Digging through her once neat backpack as if she was looking for something she had lost. Eventually pulling a thin,silver-encrusted bracelet. It lay delicately in her hand as she examines it intently. Her eyes glaze over like a spring mist. That bracelet that once had never left her wrist now collects dust at the bottom of her bag. 


The girls look at each other, then quickly back at Jazmine. As almost if she senses it, she shoots her head toward them. They lock eyes as Jazmines sadness quickly turns to anger. Her body tenses, her body language made it clear. Those girls are not her friends. But with the little twinge of softness in her eyes, you can tell they used to be. They both fall back from their stare down, putting their heads down. As Jazmine leaves the cafeteria, she looks back at hwat used to be her old group of friends, leaving the thin silver bracelet on the table in front of her as she turns away.


The girl looks over at the discarded bracelet, her eyes filling with tears. She excuses herself, speed walking into the restroom. The silence between the girls left at the table was deafening. The quick looks they gave each other made it evident that something had to be done about htis feud. One of them hesitantly pulls out their phone, looking at the others for approval. With a quick nod form each, she begins texting. Not even 10 minutes later, Jazmine reappears. 


She look at them with a small smile, as she makes her way for the bathroom. As the time passed the girls waited anxiously. The two girls reimeged from the bathroom, mascara smudged. But their was no hate there. No disdain or anger from one another. They head to the table, Jazmine turning to leave, but is interrputrd as her frind grabs her wrist and looks at her with soft eyes, motioning her to sit down. Jazmine’s face softens from worry as she sits with them all. 


Their smiles grow as they all reconnect. Jazmine seems to be lateretd by something else. She gets up quickly, the table looking at her. She heads to the table she previously sat at, grabbing the bracelet and sitting back down the them. As she hooks it on her wrist, their smiles floruish. As Jazmine says, “ I loved this bracelet sice you gave it to me 8 years ago, and I still love it now.”

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