2023 Spring One Acts Play Festival


Jacob Mariani, Performing Arts Reporter

The Barnstormers Drama Club One Act Play Festival will open on April 20 and close on April 22. The shows start at 7 p.m. each night. The plays are student-written, student-directed, and student-performed. The directors are Emily Jarecke, who will be directing the show Pity The Fool, which is about an “artist” who uses his skills to pick up women, written by D.M. Larson, Kaydence Ginnard who will be directing The Average Family, which is a show that focuses on family issues and a wife who faces her fears, written by herself, and Zoe Pace will be directing Wands Out, a magical murder mystery, written by more Lakewood High School students. Each show is really well written and won’t fail to draw you in, the directors are doing a fantastic job and the actors are all amazing. Please come and give our Barnstormers seniors, Ava Breuning, Alex Hodson, Jacob Mariani, and Kaydence Ginnard a proper farewell as they put on their last Barnstormers production for the year, and come out and support fellow students, friends, and community members as The Barnstormers knock out their final show for the 2022-2023 season. Tickets will cost five dollars per person; they can be bought in person or purchased online following this link, https://www.payschoolsevents.com/events/details/26278. See you all there!