Cleveland Browns Stadium

Kylee Zingale, Lakewood News Reporter

The Cleveland Browns Stadium had been around since July, 1999 hosting everything from highschool/college football, NFL football, hockey, soccer games and concerts. The first event there was a preseason game between the Brown and the Minnesota Vikings on Aug 21. In 2013 the Cleveland Browns Stadium was renamed FirstEnergy Stadium for a reported $107 million. Cleveland City Council passed a resolution last June that called for the removal of the FirstEnergy name from the Cleveland Browns Stadium. People believe that FirstEneregy applied pressure using citizen groups and paid out significant dollars to restrict or destroy our publicly owned Cleveland Public Power. On April 13, 2023 The team announced that the Cleveland Browns and FirstEnergy have mutually agreed to end the naming rights agreement. The stadium will return back to the name of the Cleveland Browns Stadium, after being named FirstEnergy Stadium for 10 years.