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Great work music makers at the concert last week! And I am sure the senior officers loved their gifts. What is next for the Orchestras? Well, May 28, 2023, at four in the afternoon will be the long-awaited Lakewood Project Reunion Concert. I am sure that you may have seen posters describing this event sprinkled around the school and such. The concert will be split in two sections, separated by an intermission. The first half will be performed by only the current Lakewood Project, the song will focus around the theme of ‘Modern Rock.’ While the second part of the concert will be accompanied by the alumni and will be songs classically known to the Lakewood Project. Some of these songs are signature to when the Lakewood Project was first created back in 2003, transcribed by some of the first members. 

If you are thinking about going, you should and support this amazing program. This concert will be none like any other and the Lakewood Project members have been working nonstop for months to prepare. Tickets are available on payschools to find by scanning any barcode that are on the posters advertising this event. 

Also, don’t forget underclassmen that May 29 at 9 in the evening is the due date for the Lakewood Project audition tapes. If you want to turn in audition tapes, feel free to ask Dr. Hankins about more information on what you will need to play and how to turn it in. All musical students are welcome to audition for this amazing group, however our group’s sections are mostly string instruments. Though, we also have a rhythm section that includes drums, keyboard, guitar bass, and countless auxiliary instruments. The Lakewood Project can never have too many members, so if you are interested, please audition! 

If you audition and you get accepted, you will have the opportunity to play for this year’s Fourth of July concert that is performed on the stage at Lakewood Park. It is a great time of spending time together, setting up, performing, watching the fireworks and saying our farewells to our seniors as they leave Lakewood Project and move onto the future. So if you get into this wonderful group, please join us on Fourth of July and play your first few songs at this fun concert. This will also quickly jump you into what to prepare for into the future, by confronting your stage fright gradually and bringing your potential to the surface. 

Some more information about the Lakewood Project is that every school year, minus Fourth of July, we have two concerts performed at the Lakewood High School Civic. The concert themes are decided by the upcoming seniors, but underclassmen can also give suggestions as well. When the theme and the songs are suggested, all members of the Lakewood project have the opportunity to transcribe any song that they would like to that also sticks with the theme and has been approved by Dr. Hankins. There are many teacher helpers that are in the group that can assist someone who is transcribing music. It is a wonderful skill to have and to learn, especially if you are aiming to go into a career with music. It teaches the students how to use their ear to put the notes and chords down on paper, along with problem solving and teamwork by using communication with the other members of the group to accurately rewrite the song.  

When the concert comes closer, the members can also make suggestions of what to wear to the concert. If the rehearsals are going well, then when the concert gets nearer, the members are able to spend their practice time choreographing the pieces and any more fun details that the group could add to the performance. 

Lakewood Project is a wonderful group formed by Dr. Hankins in 2003 and this upcoming concert will celebrate those last twenty years by inviting the alumni back. While spending your time in the Lakewood Project, you will learn a lot over a gradual time. Everyone who is able to audition is highly encouraged to audition and break out of their shell. Please be a wonderful addition to this amazing group this upcoming year! We wish to see you there!

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